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What are the main challenges of smart building?

✘ Connected energy management

✘ Energy efficiency

✘ Broadband internet

✘ Building security

✘ Access management

✘ Interoperability and dialogue between equipment

✘ Supervision and intelligent monitoring of the data

All these issues are based on a common need, that of relevant connectivity so that all devices can communicate with each other in complete safety. In addition, the time has come for the energy transition, smart buildings must be designed to reduce their impact on the environment. Although the digital sector is responsible for a large part of greenhouse gas emissions, it paradoxically brings many solutions to reduce the energy consumption of buildings.

At Wixalia we master all of these challenges and provide an IT response to the main needs of smart buildings.

Some examples

Project Objective / Needs

As part of its energy transition project, a 50-room nursing home wants to set up an automation ecosystem for efficient energy use.

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Project Objective / Needs

A major international school wants to renovate its main building and provide it with an easily manageable, reliable and ecological network in line with its 21st century campus project.

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Wixalia at the service of Smart Building

Just as you think about the future of our cities and design structures that contribute to the well-being of our society, we (re)put technology and its many benefits at the service of people.

Our vision of the smart building is that of a building whose connectivity makes it possible to set up transversal digital services for an embellished living experience and meeting the challenges of sustainable development.

The SMART brick of your works

Our ambition is simple: to be your partner in connectivity and work in synergy with the various stakeholders from the moment your project is conceived.

Whether your building is tertiary, residential or industrial, our mission is to design the connectivity of your structure in order to provide, or help you integrate, a technological solution:

  • Innovative while being truly user-friendly
  • Interoperable and communicative
  • Evolutionary, therefore, perennial
  • With a 360 vision of its commissioning, anticipating all obstacles and its impacts.

The SMART brick

conseil T2

Consulting and project management

Project management support – Master system integration

  • Control of processes, deadlines, costs and the digital trust framework (security of access to systems and data protection)
infrastructure T2

Network infrastructure and connectivity

Engineering and deployment of efficient indoor/outdoor digital infrastructure

  • Internet connection (Fibre, *DSL, 4/5G, Microwave beams)
  • Lan, Wan Networks
  • Network connections (OF, Copper, Radio, Pol)
  • IoT Networks (BlueTooth, Wifi, LoRa, Zigbee, Sigfox, etc.)
  • Servers / Data centers
equipements numeriques t2

Digital equipment and services

Engineering, integration and networking (piloting, securing, supervision)

  • Home automation (air treatment, opening control, heating and air conditioning management, etc.)
  • Smart home IoT
  • Expertise in video protection and access control, in particular with solutions combining video analysis and AI
infrastructure T2

Life cycle management and operations

  • Maintenance / Managed Services

There is no Smart project without 24/7 monitoring. The sustainability of the intelligent building relies on continuous, real-time control to anticipate maximum incidents, always detect failures and ensure system safety .

  • Asset management and lifecycle management