Building an automation ecosystem

Project Objective / Needs

As part of its energy transition project, a 50-room nursing home wants to set up an automation ecosystem for efficient energy use.


Energy efficiency and comfort for residents:

  • room by room heating management
  • automated and centralized management of roller shutters

Exploiting existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to integrate IoT coverage

Providing a stand-alone monitoring solution

Description of service

Choosing a multi-protocol, scalable supervisory solution that is compatible with a low power wireless protocol and existing wifi infrastructure

Integration of the low power wireless protocol into the wifi infrastructure allowing Data, Voice and IOT coverage of the site

Installation in the rooms of equipment compatible with the wireless protocol (thermostatic heads, temperature sensors, window opening detectors, rolling shutter management modules)

Installation in the common areas of equipment compatible with the wireless protocol (roller shutters)

Configuration of automation scenarios according to needs (opening and closing of the shutters according to sunset/sunrise, programmed thermal regulation, the detection of opening windows, management of unoccupied rooms, etc.)


Automation of buildings reduces energy consumption and operating costs.

Energy Efficiency of a low power wireless protocol

  • Wireless and battery-free sensor networks
  • Self-powered devices eliminate the need to replace batteries, reducing maintenance costs

Flexible and scalable solution

  • Additional features and devices (air quality analysis, air conditioning, lighting management, access control, etc.) can be added.
  • Setting up scenarios and alerts