Deployment of an energy-efficient computer network

Project Objective / Needs

A major international school wants to renovate its main building and provide it with an easily manageable, reliable and ecological network in line with its 21st century campus project.


Choose a sustainable and scalable network solution that addresses the challenges of energy efficiency and the digitalization of the education sector.

Solution description

Simple network architecture

Passive optical network (PON)

High performance equipment :

  • Wifi 6
  • Broadband internet
  • Multiservice box

Converged O&M (Operations & Maintenance)

  • one O&M platform, Plug-and-play
  • Proactive management


Energy efficiency of optical fiber (compared to copper)

  • Electricity consumption divided by 3 (2 Watts vs. 10 Watts per user)
  • Coverage x400 (40 km vs 100m)
  • Life cycle x4 (30 years vs 8 years)


  • 80% reduction of cabling and IT room occupation
  • 30% reduction in network-related energy consumption

Ultra-broadband solution

  • Solution adapted to the digitalization of uses and digital innovation of the education sector
  • Intelligent O&M improve 50% the Wifi network performance