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Your high and very high speed internet access

As a telecommunications operator registered with ARCEP (French Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority), we are a multi-operator and multi-technology service provider, offering:
Fibre optics (FFTB and FFTH)
4G and, coming soon, 5G
Microwave beams
to equip each site with the best possible very high-speed Internet service.

Internet service solutions suited to your usage
and your users’ requirements.

Yes, there is always a solution, even for the most complicated situations.

And that is the benefit of using a provider like Wixalia: we have an excellent understanding of national and local operators’ geographic coverage. We are in a position to recommend the best interconnect solutions available in your area.

As an operator, we offer optimal quality and continuity of service guarantees.


  • Managed services: supervision and technical support via a one-stop shop

Why choose Wixalia ?

For guidance and service guarantees
Whatever the area of expertise that we are serving or the assignment you have entrusted to us, our strategy is the same: a dedicated project manager and total commitment, every step of the way.