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Because instituting a project that incorporates IoT and smart services is no simple matter, Wixalia can guide you in defining your needs and covering them through appropriate, secure managed connectivity.



Wifi as a Service option

  • Possibility of including your IoT in the monthly WaaS plan

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Specializing in security and access control

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Some solutions

Wixalia IoT platform

Wixalia’s service platform also acts as an IoT platform: this single interface covers all of your company’s or establishment’s assets and provides for their ultra-simple management.

We will then integrate all of your smart solutions with it, both the ones you already use and the ones that we will roll out for you.

Why choose Wixalia ?

For guidance and service guarantees
Whatever the area of expertise that we are serving or the assignment you have entrusted to us, our strategy is the same: a dedicated project manager and total commitment, every step of the way.