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Digital technologies have transformed society and revolutionized how we communicate and, as a result, how we work. And this is not a generational matter! Baby boomers are just as connected today as millennials.

Then the health crisis arrived, definitively burying the classic vision of the office as a fixed place where professional activity takes place. The new office is digital, flexible and ubiquitous. Whether it is the Home office or the Flex Office, the hybrid work environment provides the employee with flexibility, and the company with the agility that allows them to adapt to an uncertain environment that is now part of the long term.


Juggling between mobile and sedentary patterns

Technology today offers a multitude of options to allow your entire staff to work on site or remotely, individually or as a team (using collaborative tools).

The digital workspace is a portable, lightweight, ergonomic office that connects and synchronizes easily, quickly, and securely. It is not just a question of equipment and software, but of a global vision of services which contends for the collaborator to work in all convenience, and for the company to ensure the efficiency and productivity of its employees, while ensuring the security of its information.

Wixalia offers a wide array of hardware and software solutions to establish a smart, modern, fully mobile and secure work environment.

– VoIP landline and mobile telephony and videoconferencing solutions
– Virtual workstations and digitized spaces to offer employee mobility
– Optimized management of the IT environment for the long-term, upgradable use of fat clients
– Secure tools, systems, access and connections (mobile device management)
– Collaborative tools

Whatever the philosophy of your “workplace”, choose well the integrator that will deploy your project. Here are 3 important criteria to consider, your provider must

– Ensuring the sustainability and consistency of IT systems
– Mastering digital workspace virtualization technologies
– Deploy low latency network infrastructure

What for? All the answers in this article “Workplace, how to choose your integrator?”

See also our tips for building an agile digital work environment.


  • Installation and configuration
  • Testing
  • Customer service, support and maintenance
  • Destruction



And for even more simplicity, your digital workplace in as-a-service mode! Accelerate the digital transformation of your business thanks to an all-inclusive monthly plan at the workstation.


With Wixalia, your workplace gives the planet a boost. Our commitment is simple:

1 PC installed = 1 tree planted


Wixalia’s service platform is a single interface that covers all of your company’s or establishment’s assets and provides for their ultra-simple management.


This platform gives you access to a catalogue of services to manage your orders, but also an ITSM area where you can open and track your tickets in the event of a technical incident.


Why choose Wixalia ?

For guidance and service guarantees
Whatever the area of expertise that we are serving or the assignment you have entrusted to us, our strategy is the same: a dedicated project manager and total commitment, every step of the way.