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Digital technologies have transformed society and revolutionized how we communicate and, as a result, how we work. And this is not a generational matter! Baby boomers are just as connected today as millennials.

Juggling between mobile and sedentary patterns

Technology today offers a multitude of options to allow your entire staff to work on site or remotely, individually or as a team (using collaborative tools).

Wixalia offers a wide array of hardware and software solutions to establish a smart, modern, fully mobile and secure work environment.

– VoIP landline and mobile telephony and videoconferencing solutions
– Virtual workstations and digitized spaces to offer employee mobility
– Optimized management of the IT environment for the long-term, upgradable use of fat clients
– Secure tools, systems, access and connections (mobile device management)
– Collaborative tools


  • Installation and configuration
  • Testing
  • Customer service, support and maintenance
  • Destruction


Wixalia’s service platform is a single interface that covers all of your company’s or establishment’s assets and provides for their ultra-simple management.


This platform gives you access to a catalogue of services to manage your orders, but also an ITSM area where you can open and track your tickets in the event of a technical incident.


Why choose Wixalia ?

For guidance and service guarantees
Whatever the area of expertise that we are serving or the assignment you have entrusted to us, our strategy is the same: a dedicated project manager and total commitment, every step of the way.