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It’s a small step, it’s a first step, but in 2020 Wixalia has implemented a project close to its heart: taking concrete action for the planet.

In our case, because we had to start with something, we decided to plant trees with and thanks to our customers.

Wixalia and its clients plant trees.

Our commitment is simple: for each new access point installed, Wixalia finances the planting of a tree.


We are not the ones who plant trees, but your WiFi installation!

Your WiFi installation includes 20 access points… you are therefore contributing to the planting of 20 trees, donated by Wixalia.

We collaborate with Refoorest. Refoorest provides us with a “Tree as a Service” technological platform which enables each company to fight against climate change by planting trees, and is supported by Eden Reforestation for the operational part.

Where are the trees planted?

Only trees of native species are planted, which vary from region to region.

The model is based on the planting and exploitation by villagers trained to ensure the growth of trees in the best conditions.

trees planted by Wixalia and its clients

The positive effects of planting trees

• Reduction of your carbon footprint ♻️
👉 1 mature tree captures an average of 30kg of CO2 per year

• Restoration of biodiversity 🐝
👉 1 tree planted is a recreated ecosystem, 1 habitat for many species

• Fight against poverty 👨‍🌾
👉 1 day of work is created for every 100 trees planted

We know that the digital industry is unfortunately responsible for a large part of greenhouse gas emissions. We could do more, do better … most certainly. We are not going to get into the debate, that is not the purpose of this communication. Let us celebrate with you this initiative of which we are very happy.

And let’s all move forward together, individually or collectively so that all small and large gestures help to offset and reduce our carbon footprint.

Wixalia and its clients plant trees.

And what about you?

Some figures:

  • Digital pollution is a source of around 4% of annual CO2 emissions (1)
  • Fixed networks consume less electricity than cellular networks, and optical fibre 3 times less than ADSL (2)
  • And Wifi consumes 23 times less than 4G (2)


A few small gestures that are up to us for responsible digital use

  • Extend the life of your devices: don’t renew them if they work, consider buying refurbished material, and donate them to a refurbishing companies rather than throwing them away.
  • Download in WiFi rather than 4G, avoid streaming.
  • Unsubscribe from all newsletters you never open.
  • Navigate “green” … with eco-responsible search engines: ecosia, lilo, ecogine to name a few or use on your favorite browser the extension that plants trees from our partner refoorest.



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