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The teams at Wixalia put their skills to work for you.

Those cross-cutting skills cover every stage in a turnkey project, regardless of the area of expertise that we are serving.


Engineering (studies and consulting)

Wixalia designs a custom solution in service of your functional and customer needs, your business issues and your roadmap. We take account of the physical, technical and operational specificities of your company, your establishments and the applications and services already in place or that you are currently planning.

Whether we are taking over your existing set-up or implementing a new project for you, our consultants are here to listen and work with you, hand in hand.

  • Needs and usage analyses
  • Feasibility studies
  • Architecture
  • Performance audits
  • Coverage sites performed on site or based on plans
  • Simulations to visualize the expected performances

Integration and rollout

Our project managers and installation teams simplify the coordination of stakeholders and ensure on-time set-up with minimal disruption.

Throughout the installation process, we give you visibility of the progress made, any risks and any corrective actions implemented. Wixalia offers centralized equipment management and performs configurations at our logistics centre before rollout.

This minimizes the need for on-site servicing. When such servicing is necessary, though, it is carried out by professionals who have a full grasp on the constraints of the environment where they will be working, which is particularly important in the healthcare sector (discretion, safety, hygiene, etc.).

We can service you throughout France and Europe.


Maintenance and support

We also maintain and repair the hardware installed by Wixalia, keeping it all in good working order.

We have a logistics and customer service centre located in Guilherand-Granges, in southern France. This allows us to handle maintenance internally, with the assistance of the service desk, as needed.

We offer training and skills transfers that enable your designated personnel to intervene with ease.

We also give you the option of providing your on-site maintenance based on three main lines:

  • ITIL-certified support: a single entry point (service desk and hotline) and a ticketing tool integrated with Wixalia’s multi-service platform
  • Hardware maintenance (preventive and curative
  • Software maintenance

Managed services

We offer multiple network performance, security and availability supervisory and monitoring packages (and, therefore, multiple SLAs).

Network Manager

  • Comprehensive portfolios: monitoring, manager and global services

Hotspot Manager

  • Remote hotspot service management
  • Secure WiFi hotspots for private and public companies and establishments
  • Management of compliance with legal obligations
  • Captive portal