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User / client portal

It is designed to be accessed by clients / end users, to develop a range of free or marketable services: entertainment, concierge services, therapeutic information, information about the establishment, social connection applications, etc.

This portal is customizable.

The out-of-the-box content is predefined. Want to add more services? We can custom-develop your portal.



Centralized management of all the assets aggregated on the platform, simplified steering and automated processes. You will also find your dashboards and your catalogue of services there.


IoT platform

We will then integrate all of your smart solutions with it, both the ones you already use and the ones that we will roll out for you. Our single interface provides an easy way to administrate them.


IT support

Paired with our support centre and our hotline, the management portal (in line with ITIL standards) allows you to report and track incidents by means of its ticketing tool, as well as providing for the supervision and maintenance of IT services.


We originally launched a “WiFi as a Service” solution in response to the funding issues that are often faced by medico-social establishments (nursing homes, retirement homes, assisted living facilities, group homes for people with disabilities, etc.) when they want to modernize or set up new WiFi systems.

The solution was so well-received that we expanded it to all of our services and clients.


“As a service” is a business model that consists of an all-inclusive fixed monthly plan. This is an OPEX approach to spending which as many advantages:

  • No initial investment
  • Expenses based on the resources consumed and functionalities used
  • Flexibility: “aaS” solutions are easy to implement and can adapt to your company’s actual needs, both upward and downward
  • Scalable projects: our portfolio evolves at the same pace as the technologies in use, including the equipment!
  • Elimination of costs for updates and maintenance (in terms of manpower, time and resources): these are also included in the plan.